Choosing the Right Plants Can Make or Break a Landscape Design

Finding the perfect landscaping plant is not such an easy job. There are so many different plants for you to choose from and each will have its own special ways that make is a great find for your yard. You can choose any kind of landscaping plant that will complement your particular yard, just make sure that the plant that you choose is appropriate to your climate. Not all landscaping plants can thrive in all areas so talk to your local plant specialist. The place where you usually get your plants may be able to help you with your selection of landscaping plant.

There are many different kinds of plants for you to choose from and some of the best ones are the ones that you would normally never think of. For example if you want to have a gorgeous border you can use sage plants. This is the perfect landscaping element for many homes. You can do so much with this great landscaping plant. Not only can you make wonderful borders with it you can also add them to pretty herb gardens.

What makes herb gardens fun is that they are not only pretty to look at they are also practical. You can use all of the herbs that you grow in your cooking. Cooking with herbs you’ve grown yourself is such a wonderful bonus.

When you are looking for a landscaping plant you will also need to take into consideration what time of year it happens to be. You cannot usually go into a gardening store looking for a plant in the middle of winter and find a summer bloom. Your shopping will have to be at least a little seasonal. Your plants, some of them anyway, will have to be purchased at certain times of the year.

You can find a plant that is annual or one that is perennial. An annual landscaping plant will need to be bought and purchased anew each year where as a perennial landscaping plant will grow back each year on its own. Some perennial plants like tulips for instance will double in number each year if left alone. When there gets to be too many in one spot of this kind of landscaping plant you can simply dig down and split some of them up and plant them elsewhere.

We recommend you start first with color. Decide on a color and it’s a lot easier to choose plants that will give you that color. And don’t underestimate the beauty of green in and of itself. Since flowers are often short-lived, take into consideration how the plant will look the rest of the year. Say for example that you choose red. From there, it’s very easy to find red flowering plants that are appropriate to your climate. Just go to the store and look around. Talk to a specialist and get some ideas as to how several different red plants can work together to give you flowers all season long.

Need help with all this planning? Not to worry! We love to come up with beautiful landscape ideas. Contact us today to learn more!